Microphone Photo for Recording Your Podcast Audio A microphone is essential for your podcast, and there are many to choose from—like the entry-level Blue Snowball USB recording microphone ($59) that I started out with. Mauritania Email List   Before I share all of my favorite microphone choices today though, Mauritania Email List without getting too technical, I want to give you a basic rundown of the different types of podcasting microphones that are available, so you can determine what will best suit your specific needs. Condenser vs. Dynamic When you begin searching for microphones, one of the questions you’ll have to answer is whether you want a condenser or dynamic microphone.

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There are quite a few differences between the two, so it’s Mauritania Email List worth investigating. Condenser Microphone A condenser microphone is very sensitive to noise and tends to sound a bit more natural than its dynamic counterpart. That sensitivity can be a downside if you’re dealing with a lot of background noise. For example, if you live with roommates or have small children, recording can be frustrating with all the Mauritania Email List inevitable noise. If the condenser microphone is your choice, consider soundproofing the area to avoid a problem with background noise. Even a relatively quiet room can emit sounds aware of (like a fan, air conditioner, heating system, etc). Many of these kinds of background noises can be edited during a post-recording session.

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But you obviously want to reduce as much noise Mauritania Email List pollution as possible upfront. Adding a windscreen is another option to help prevent a condenser microphone from picking up background noises. It won’t alleviate all Mauritania Email List outside noise, but it does help. When deciding between dynamic and condenser mics, keep in mind that condenser mics aren’t as durable. That’s not to say yours won’t last a long time. But if you plan on traveling or moving your mic a lot. You’ll want to handle your condenser mic on leaving your home or studio. Not only are they typically more durable.

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