The reality is that knowledge about artificial intelligence among many marketing. Professionals are quite far from the minimum and necessary. Conditions to be able to exploit this technology effectively in the marketing area. It doesn’t surprise me that in some cases we talk about this. Technology not being as relevant and not going to produce as many benefits as predicted.

I Have Also Interviewed Digital Marketing Experts Who Say

I have also interviewed digital marketing experts who say the same thing. And that until ai-based technologies prove they can generate high and sustainable levels of sales. There is no reason to New Zealand email list consider integrating it into a company’s various business processes. In my opinion, all this is due to a focus problem, and with all due respect. It comes as a consequence of ignorance and misconception of what is and what is not artificial intelligence.

In addition to this, I recently had the opportunity

There are those who say that artificial intelligence is a fad and that with the passage of time. It will be delegated to the background for very specific aspects. This thought is not correct, and if I had to say something like that out loud. I would think twice before saying it. If we were in another context maybe it would make sense. But in the current context, it doesn’t.On the one hand, the data is being stored and structured in a digital environment. Which enables it to be worked on. And on the other hand. The computing capacity that current machines have acquired allows us to carry out. The analysis of these data in an effective way.


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