What are consumers looking for in their shopping experience? In an era in which the smartphone has become almost an appendage of our body. In which we spend more than 5 hours online every day, and in which researching the characteristics of an item or comparing prices are the order of the day. No it is surprising that millennials prioritize digital experiences. Even when shopping in physical stores. Thus, the mobile has completely changed the expectations of buyers about. What the commercial establishments should offer, as reflected in a new report by euclid and harris poll.

While Men Expect the Digital Experience to Bring Speed

Thus, while men expect the digital experience to bring speed and comfort to the purchase process. Women give more importance to the personalization factor. 68% of guys between 18 and 34 years old said that, if there was wi-fi in the store. They would use it to check out faster and be able to take a product without queuing. 61% also considered likely to use it to get services such as technical Ireland B2B List support and product help. Men would also be more likely than women to use their mobile to get help from a store employee (53% vs. 42%).

Would Prefer to Use Wi-fi to Access an Exclusive Gift a Special Offer

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What almost everyone agreed on was that they would like to have Wi-Fi in the store and use it for any of these services. As explained by Euclid: “It is not surprising that millennials who have a smartphone or tablet are more likely than baby boomers to use store Wi-Fi to access a wide variety of services. And the figures among generation X similar to that of millennials. For brands that have customers from different generational groups, this points to the need to pay attention to multiple avenues of engagement when creating the in-store experience.”

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