At the end of this week, laliga returns, the most popular sports competition in Spain and the one. That moves the highest numbers of audiences. Income, and spending on advertising, marketing, and other similar tools. The matches will be divided into several time slots, some of them special to avoid the hot hours. And will be held applying special security measures due to the coronavirus (laliga will even start with an initiative to honor essential workers. Called infinite applause). The participating teams are regaining their fitness and sporting abilities. But they are also readjusting their marketing and communication strategy.

This Last Point Has Not Completely Disappeared During the Crisis

After all, they needed to remain relevant brands and be there. A particularly emotional moment for their fans for whom. Their brands already love marks on many occasions. How did they do it? Warc has broken down sports marketing. A strategy that real Madrid has followed during these weeks. From which several lessons can be drawn on how to continue marketing and how to remain relevant. The first key point that those responsible for real email database lists Australia Madrid’s strategy have in mind is how to manage the context. It is not so much about assuming that everything will start and end at some point. Because in the end, you could end up wondering when that end will be reached and how to do it we point out. The team’s strategy is to be clear. That “The reality is that there is no beginning and end”.

As Michael Sutherland the Team’s Chief Transformation Officer

Going back to the pre-crisis operating model may “Seem weird.” you cannot simply make the leap. What used to work in the “New normality”. But you have to adjust to the new realities and the new habits of consumers. It is what all the big brands and the small ones are doing and what is marking the strategy of the companies. It is also what real Madrid is doing. During confinement. They maintained a content strategy that sought to add value to fans. And make their brand and that of their sponsors visible. Now, they are trying to understand which consumer behaviors. And interests developed during the crisis will remain beyond it.

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