Content marketing has become one of the fashionable elements. During 2016, it experienced a real bombshell. With more and more brands using it and with more and more experts not only talking about. It and its virtues but also strongly recommending it. In 2017, content marketing will not only not disappear but will remain in good health. Looking for new elements and relying on more and more issues to reach more and more potential consumers. One of the data that is often repeated about content marketing is that it was born a little pushed by the market. What consumers are like today and what they expect and seek. Has been the key issue that has made brands turn to this issue.

In a Market in Which Consumers Are Increasingly Reluctant to Traditional

the contents seem to have a quite clear and evident place. But the truth is that the boom in content and the use that brands make of this marketing strategy goes much further and is much more complex than this. The reasons why brands have moved to this format are much more varied, which makes it possible to understand not only why content marketing is being so successful, but also how it has become a kind of question that Buy Hong Kong WhatsApp Numbers covers many elements. A Clutch study has analyzed what marketers are looking for with their content marketing strategy, based on data obtained in a survey of marketers in the United States. The key to why they use content marketing lies in the brand itself and its recognition by consumers.

Other Somewhat More Indirect Benefits of Content Marketing

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The most popular types of content are infographics (74% use them) and original or research content (another 74%). After them, video (70%), blog posts (57%), success stories (56%), and whitepapers (55%) are positioned. The content that best reaches consumers is original research, followed by infographics and product reviews. Content marketing is also not a kind of island where the only thing that matters is the content. 71% of those surveyed acknowledge using paid advertising techniques to improve the distribution of content, 70% trust the organic reach of social networks, 69% use traditional marketing techniques, and 63% resort to sending newsletters.


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