One of the problems that the marketing and advertising industry has. To face is the state of affairs as far as its professionals are concerned. The turnover of personnel experienced in these industries is much higher than in others. As well as the average time that senior positions occupy their positions. Then that of a cfo, for example). Example). It is not the only problem and it is not the only issue that makes marketing and advertising professionals dissatisfied with their work. Different studies have been showing that they burn out very quickly. That there is a too high percentage (compared to other professions) of workers who throw in the towel and decide not to pursue.

In the World of Marketing and Advertising as in Other Creative Professions

Studies typically focus on what makes industry workers feel overwhelmed and burned out, but not so much on what they would want to see happen in the workplace that it doesn’t. However, a British study (prepared by CV-Library) has just asked marketers what they would want from their job, and from its conclusions, easily extrapolated to other markets, it can be determined what Djibouti B2B List companies in the sector should do to retain his talent and above all keep him happy. You could say that, in a way, it all boils down to two key points. The workers in the industry want better wages and they want better conditions in terms of their working hours.

The robot portrait of the company you want to work

Djibouti B2B List

The robot portrait of the ideal company in which the respondents would like to work is that of. A company based in London (which we can easily change for a large city with cosmopolitan touches), with 50 or fewer employees. Flexible and with a salary medium or medium-high. The salary is not so crucial either. A third of those surveyed would like to earn 51,000 pounds a year, but at the same time. 27.8% admit that they would be happy with 25,500. These data (the last percentage specifically) could point to two things. One would be that salaries are precarious and that already reaching. Certain levels is seen as a victory. Another is that in the end what makes these workers happy compared to. What they do now is not so much money but rather to improve their working conditions.

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