During 2016 is the importance of marketing with influencers. Suddenly, all brands seemed to be obsessing over this issue and employing these professionals much more frequently than ever. They began to define what an influencer was. They began to talk about new formats and new influential influencers (now it is no longer just the influencer that matters. We also have to worry about the micro-influencer) and the ways in which this would go were established. Marketing with influencers has already settled in the language and in the day-to-day life of marketers.

Marketing With Influencers Is No Longer a Rarity as Pointed

After a year of talking about all this and analyzing, again and again. Influencers and how brands are using them, what has remained as new key and foundational elements regarding this tool. What has been firmly established Buy Jamaica WhatsApp Numbers during 2016 and in which there will be no turning back? At digital, they have carried out an analysis based on statistical data and. Marketing with influencers is no longer a rarity as pointed out in the conclusions of the analysis. More and more brands are using influencers to position their products and services.

Most do it to reach a new audience, followed by those

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ost do it to reach a new audience, followed by those who want to reach a niche audience. Influencers tend to have the ascendancy, above all, over very specific audiences, which makes them work especially well in certain scenarios. Instagram has become the favorite network for marketing with influencers Influencer marketing works on social networks, but not all social networks manage to reap the same results, and not all manage to arouse the same interest among brands.

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