You have two types of technology, you have to Christmas Island B2B List train drivers for two different cars. Again, a hard choice was made here. Pivot 3 to biofuel The cars offered companies diesel and petrol. But the climate agreement and the changing sentiment in the market meant that Shell TapUp was able to get a little closer to its mission. They Christmas Island B2B List decided to set up an additional supply chain and focused on biofuels. This time it was possible. The company had now been in existence for three years and this way it was able to grow better. The future? Of course, Milena Grul cannot tell what the Christmas Island B2B List future.

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The company is currently exploring Christmas Island B2B List international growth. What she does want to pass on to the visitors of the Scrum event is this: dare to make clear and hard choices. Even if you don’t work at a start-up, you can certainly apply that tip. Because even within a larger company you can apply this way of pivoting to projects, Christmas Island B2B List campaigns or product development. If it fails, apply insight . Then you make it a brilliant failure and learn from it. Insight  Collaborate on innovation Scrum as a way of working is often Christmas Island B2B List very suitable for teams that develop.

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Scrum is looked at with curiosity in Christmas Island B2B List other places in organizations, but the application turns out to be more difficult. I wrote about this before on Frankwatching . Also at the Scrum Event were many companies and organizations that told how they have embraced agile working methods. TOPdesk explained in a break-out session Christmas Island B2B List how part-time scrum is done with non-IT teams. I’ll give you the highlights: The urgency As the company grew, the distance between departments increased. There was little cooperation and silos were created. At the same time, it became increasingly important to Christmas Island B2B List realize customer value.

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