Anyone who has ever bought at Ikea – and not a few consumers have – knows that once you have paid for the product. Everything is in your hands. Ikea does not take your purchase to your home and does not take care of assembling. The purchased products so that the consumer can use them, as ‘traditional’ furniture stores do. True, the consumer can pay an extra to the company and it is in charge of doing. That process, but the essence of the Ikea experience is not that. The essence of their consumption experience is to arrive, buy, take. The product in their own car and take charge of managing themselves to ‘start up’ the products”. The company provides the instructions and the screws, although consumers have long concluded. Understanding those instructions is not easy and there will always be a piece leftover.

Farewell to Mass Communications Creating Remarkable Experiences

This customer service structure and this sales format have become so associated with the identity and the company that it has already been baptized as the Ikea effect. The Ikea effect is the one that Bahrain B2B List comes into play every time a company sells us something, offers us a product, but expects us, consumers, to do part of the work. Why do these companies get consumers to agree to take on a piece of the work (even though there are competitors who offer that finished product)? And why do we feel some emotional connection with the product and even that it is almost better than other options on the market?

Technologies That Personalize the User Experience Urbea Has Revealed

Bahrain B2B List

The personalization of communications to the user and the knowledge of their context results in something essential for all brands. Efficiency”, stressed the general director of Ogilvy Barcelona. Ogilvy Barcelona’s ‘secret weapon’ is the Ogilvy Appcelerator, the agency’s start-up accelerator. The start-ups included in the acceleration program allow customers to create. Personalized user experiences through different technologies: ‘geofencing’ to locate and attract customers to events. Ultrasound to shock attendees without being connected to the internet. With which the brand can communicate without paying the social network. Tools to know the psychological profile of the public and systems that look for users integrated in events.

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