We live in a moment full of uncertainty and that is related to the increase in unforeseen situations. The above volatility makes it difficult to foresee events and the ability to anticipate them. If we add ambiguity, we have an immense lack of clarity about the meaning of any fact. We also relate this moment to the inability to conceptualize possible threats and opportunities. Well, within this context, and alarmingly, I am detecting negligent attitudes on my part. Of businessmen and also of the administrations and governors, to work without data. Or information, or define or look for scenarios. Where to move or deduce where to move.

This Attitude of Working Without Data or Information Strongly Strikes

This attitude of working without data or information. Strongly strikes me that it is not part of a company’s marketing culture. But when I think about it I realize that our business. Culture is purely Egypt email list industrial and with the mentality of a small company and not. A creative and disruptive company that thinks about accelerating. New trends or megatrends. We don’t think about the consumer, or the market, or how to take new paths. If there are fears and what barriers will force us to jump, or what processes we must design to follow. Or change, our business model. By the way, and let’s not forget that sars-cov is not thought to pass. But climate change has no possible vaccine. It is the key moment for marketing professionals to be aware that we have great power.

Investigate and Build Marketing Tools Thinking About Futurization

Let’s abandon the usual theories and enter the reality that being the engine for change gives us. Let’s not think about that normality that we had before COVID19 because that normality really was the problem. It is clear that without research and foresight things can also work, but are we sure that they will work well, or do we care what the results are? Entrepreneurs, business organizations, employers, administrations, and rulers must stop adventures and light the tunnel that leads, today, to an absolutely unknown paradigm. Do you know what your consumers will be like? Are you clear in what foreseeable scenarios you will move? Will you continue the same as before SARS-CoV?

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