Videos have become one of the great trends on the internet. One of those elements that are beginning to be always present and from which everyone seems to want to get so many things. The video boom has caused all the media to put videos in any way. That social networks are fighting to try to position themselves with. It at all costs and that they are all entering the live war or that advertising is being filled with those contents. (as all the videos that begin to reproduce themselves in a large number of media outlets demonstrate). The truth is that video product reviews are becoming more and more decisive in eCommerce.

In Ecommerce, the Content Strategy Is Very Important

since consumers do not have the safety net provided by seeing the products in a physical and clear way. You can’t touch, see and try things you’re buying online like you can with things you’re buying in a ‘real’ store. Although the Ecuador WhatsApp Numbers rise of e-commerce in recent times has made consumers less reluctant to buy from it and much more prone to leaps of faith than they were in the past, companies still have to offer tools that help the consumer feel much more comfortable. And among those tools, video is one of the ones that offer the best results. Why are these videos successful? From the outset, in many of the e-commerce pages, not only do the managers themselves upload videos of the content, but other consumers are also the ones who sign that content. In other words,

They Are the Ones Who Create and Upload the Videos

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Another of the problems that online stores have to face, as happens with practically every element that operates on the Internet, is having to capture the attention of the consumer, having to fix their attention and keep it for the time necessary to achieve the consumer stays there. One of the great risks of the network is that the consumer enters and quickly disappears. However, videos are a great tool for grabbing attention. The consumer stays there, watching it, and consumer retention grows. And, the more you manage to retain the consumer, the more likely it is that they will end up buying.

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