In the information age, brands are challenged to dispel the cloud of information to attract the attention of their customers in digital media through the use of banners, text ads, or content marketing, for example. However, experts say that video marketing is the most effective method because it allows the development of a strong bond between the client and the brand through an audiovisual experience.. In addition, it is versatile and can be easily adapted to the current needs of increasingly demanding consumers. People are visual, they love to watch videos and they look for content that entertains, informs, and educates. In fact, video content is the one with the highest growth rate in terms of consumption and virtualization. Brands can capitalize on this interest from the public to create quality videos that add value and are a win-win for everyone.

Increase the Permanence of Users on the Site Studies Indicate

Studies indicate that videos can increase the permanence on a page sixfold and that informative or explanatory. Videos about products increase the conversion rate. This is because people prefer to watch attractive videos that shows. How the product or service works, instead of reading a simple description of it. In turn, the videos inform the user and give them Nicaragua B2B List more confidence and security about the offer. For its part, by measuring the number of views. Viewing time and sections to which they pay the most attention. It is possible to determine which are the products that most interest the audience in order to optimize the offer.

Attract the Interest of Internet Users and Generate Engagement

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Video is also a good way to generate product visibility. Moving images are a great way to attract new customers and re-engage old customers, and even convince them to come back again and again. This helps increase engagement and stay Top Of Mind for consumers. This also translates into an increase in the life time value of customers. Improve the positioning of a brand and indirectly of a site Videos love both Internet users and Google! That is why a good SEO strategy recognizes the benefits of using videos since the main search engines prioritize those pages with moving content and show videos among the first search results. This also helps redirect more people to the brand’s website.

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