The consumption of digital video has not stopped increasing in recent years. And consumers spend more and more hours watching videos from the computer, the tablet or. Especially, the mobile, abandoning other leisure activities such as sitting in front of the tv to watch whatever’s on. Consequently, it is expected that the monetization of this format will also continue to increase. And according to data from cowen and company. It is doing so at a very good pace: both investment in advertising and the number of subscriptions. To online video platforms are growing very quickly. Confirming the good health of digital video.

The Expectations of Spending on Ads for Online Videos

Thus, during this first quarter of 2016, the expectations of spending on ads for online videos. During this year have already increased considerably, and it is a trend that will only exacerbate in the future. If in 2016 it is Jamaica B2B List expected to reach 9,900 million dollars of spending on digital video advertising (only in the united states). The figure rises to 28,080 million for 2020. Furthermore, while mobile ad spend will be higher than desktop ads. The latter’s growth rate will remain in double digits as well. While the rest of the desktop categories drop to ridiculous or even declining growth figures.

The Growth of Investment in Advertising for Videos Will Even Exceed

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Those numbers make video the fastest growing digital channel over the years, both via mobile and desktop. The growth of investment in advertising for videos will even exceed that of social networks, as it is estimated that its growth will begin to slow down in the coming years, although the figures are still very good: if this year 12,760 million dollars are going to be invested in social advertising, by 2020 it will be 31,740 million. On the other hand, video accounts for 19.7% of advertising investment this year, two points more than last year, while social networks account for 22.3%.

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