your podcast and get it hosted online. In order for people to hear it, you’ll need to choose a podcast host. Podcast hosting companies are the go-between from your recording software to directories like Palau Email Lists Google Play and Apple Podcasts. Palau Email Lists A lot of people think you can upload your audio recordings right to iTunes, but this actually isn’t the case. Audio recordings are quite a large Palau Email Lists and have to be stored somewhere. That’s where podcast hosting comes into play. There are many to choose from, so I’ll give you an introduction to some of the most popular.

When Do You Really Need it for Your Blog?

Buzzsprout: Free Plan (Limited) or $12.00/mo Buzzsprout Palau Email Lists Podcast Hosting (Homepage Screenshot) Buzzsprout is one of the most recognizable and reputable names in podcast hosting today. Their website is easy to navigate and they share a ton of helpful information about podcasting. For beginners, Buzzsprout is a really solid Palau Email Lists option. A few things that Buzzsprout offers: Connection to the top Palau Email Lists podcast directories Podcast statistics and analytics A Buzzsprout player you can load on your website Automatic episode optimization Podcast transcriptions Affiliates to help with monetization.

Which Managed WordPress Hosting Plan is Best for You?

Chapter markers Create visual. Palau Email Lists soundbites for social media. Buzzsprout Podcast Pricing Plans (Table Screenshot). Buzzsprout offers month-to-month pricing and their cheapest plan is $12/mo for 3 hours of monthly Palau Email List recordings. Their top plan is $24/mo for 12 hours of recordings plus an additional $2 per hour. You can also try them out for free (here) for 90 days and 2 hours of recordings. PodBean: Palau Email Lists Free Plan (Limited) or $9.00/mo PodBean

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