What started out as a referral to another Belize WhatsApp Number List writer turned into an introduction to the founder of the company! All because I was focused on helping and serving first. The conversation with the founder went great. Right after our call, I sent over a very simple proposal, outlining the value I knew I could add to their business and my fee $3,500. And then look at the response! See guys, this is not about any magic selling Belize WhatsApp Number List techniques. What I did was simple: I clearly defined who I could help and how. The business came as a natural result of that. And I’m so stoked to work on this project! Conclusion All in all, this first week has been crazy.

How To Say No (And Become More Productive).

Outside of the challenge, I just got assigned a Belize WhatsApp Number List huge project at work, which is going to dominate my schedule for the rest of this month. So going into week 2, time management is going to be KEY again. I’ve got some travel coming up for work, too. So I need to get in front of that with the outreach. But man does it feel good to have 1 week on the books. I’m pushing myself hard and pumped for week 2! Let’s go crush it! Over to you guys! What do you think of this challenge so far? What do you Belize WhatsApp Number List want to see more of next week? Let me know your questions/ideas in the comments below! I’ll dive in and answer them this week! Here’s the original launch post.

Don’t Break The Chain.

Here’s the deal. Thousands of you have asked Belize WhatsApp Number List me about how to get started as a freelance writer. Questions like… Can anyone start freelance writing out of the blue one day and make a living doing it? How hard is it? Where do you find your first paying client? What should I charge as a freelance writer? Are sites like Upwork and Freelancer actually worth it? How do you make the time for starting this on the Belize WhatsApp Number List side of your day job? Check out the $5,000 Freelance Writing Challenge: From 0 to 5k in 30 Days CLICK TO TWEET Well… it’s time we do something special to truly answer each of these questions and show you how to go from zero to earning a meaningful income freelance writing (on the side of your full-time gig).

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