in downloading software to their computer so this is a nice option for a one-time interview. With Squadcast, you can schedule interviews, record audio in separate WAV files, and organize in a library. Mozambique Email List The recordings are put into cloud backups, so you won’t lose them. This program is Mozambique Email List easy to use but both parties must use Chrome in order to run it. Skype Using Skype to Record Your Podcast Interviews (Screenshot) Skype is another option for remote podcast interviews. This Mozambique Email List wouldn’t be my first choice for a variety of reasons. The recorded audio is low quality and you can only download it in an MP4 video file.

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There are also issues with connectivity and sound issues. I’m Mozambique Email List including it on my list because a lot of podcasters have used Skype as a resource and it is possible to record interviews on it. Still, it wouldn’t be the one I would recommend. Zoom Zoom for Recording Podcast Interviews (Screenshot) If you’re looking for a free option, try Zoom. There are premium versions, as well, but for personal meetings like the ones you’d have in a Mozambique Email List podcast interview, the free version works well. Zoom does not offer as many features as Squadcast, but it does record good quality audio and it saves each speaker’s audio to a different track. 5. Copyright and Trademarking.

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Your Podcast Copyrighting your podcast may not be the first Mozambique Email List thing on your mind when you haven’t even recorded your first track, but it’s something to be aware of as you launch and grow your podcast. Let me be clear — I’m not a lawyer. My advice is limited to common practices for copyright and trademark, and nothing more. For a clear understanding of legal practices, reach out to a lawyer who can help you register your podcast. In Mozambique Email List addition, the information I share below only applies to

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