All marketers have their own customer data, but understanding and strategizing. How to use it and get great results from it is challenging. For many of them, the ideal tactic is to combine proprietary data. With third-party data, I think the real advantage comes from marrying proprietary data with real-time, context and user data. This allows marketers to not only understand how interested. A prospect is, but to engage with them at a time when they are most inclined to make a purchase decision. For example, a sudden turn for the worse in the weather can have. A critical impact is when someone has been searching for weeks without much determination to book their vacation. That changed in the weather can make you go from being a “possible” to a client.

Proprietary Data Retargeting Can Be Perceived as a Performance

This is why many marketers still have a strong belief in it. They are customers Spain Business Fax List whose behavior indicates a purchase intention that does not really exist or, worse yet. That has already become a conversion. Combining this data with a real-time evaluation of the user and the context is the best solution. This is what is known as moment scoring.

This Can Include More Than 11 Million Behavioral

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It is crucial for advertisers to be able to use proprietary data to identify links that might not be intuitively. This can include more than 11 million behavioral. Contextual, and demographic attributes. The time of day, the website, and the current device. You also have to take into account recent elements, such as the ads you have clicked on and the websites you have visited that day. As well as long-term factors such as browsing habits, buying behavior, and interests. All of this is just as crucial in determining the chances of a customer taking the desired marketing action.

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