The first weeks of January are already over and you have probably already started your plans and goals for the first quarter. The year 2020 will always be etched in our memory and has also accelerated the e-commerce landscape. The possibilities are vast, but what should we focus on this year? E-commerce figures 2020 The figures for the last quarter are not yet in, but it will come as no surprise that there have also been peaks during the last period.

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According to Statistics Netherlands , quarter two has provided the most revenue growth for the time being. Pure online players saw their revenue increase by 45% during this quarter compared to the same quarter in 2019. Companies with brick stores and a supporting webshop were Aruba Email Lists the winners in all quarters with a turnover increase of 22% growth in quarter 1.68% in quarter 2 and 48% in quarter 3. It is still unclear what the last quarter has brought. But with Black Friday and the crowded shopping streets on our minds, that quarter will not be disappointing either.

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Even though the current lockdown also started in that last quarter. More and more consumers are discovering the convenience of online shopping. Because many SME entrepreneurs had to close their doors, the necessity of having an online channel has really come through. In this article I discuss 5 interesting trends for e-commerce in 2021: 1. Community 2. Independence 3. ReCommerce 4. Google Update 5. Product Information 1. Community I recently read an interview in the AD with Sebastiaan van der Pal, owner of game store De Dondersteen from Hengelo. Due to the last lockdown, they were forced to close the store a few days before Christmas.

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