Weebly eCommerce by Square Weebly’s eCommerce website builder can be a good option for small online stores, but it isn’t built to power large businesses. It offers some nice features, like unlimited items, inventory management, and item reviews, but overall it isn’t designed to scale for the needs of a large enterprise. Gambia Email List Security for Weebly eCommerce by Square Weebly offers free SSL security on all their plans. Like other online store platforms, they’re also PCI DSS compliant. Payment Gateways with Weebly eCommerce offers Square payment, plus third-party gateways, meaning you can use Gambia Email List PayPal and Stripe. 9. Square Online eCommerce website builders Square acquired Weebly in 2018 and developed its functionality to become one of the best eCommerce website builders — powered by a combination of Weebly and Square.

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Square also has a separate eCommerce website Gambia Email List builder called Square Online. The builders are very similar, but Square Online has some additional features that make them worth checking out. In particular, you can use Square Online to create a free eCommerce site. Price of Square Online eCommerce website builders Unlike most eCommerce builders, Square Online offers a free version of its platform, along with more advanced Gambia Email List paid plans. The most expensive plan is the Premium Plan and it’s $72 a month. With the Premium Plan, the rate goes down slightly with 2.6% + $0.30.

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Features for Square Online Square Online’s Free. Gambia Email List Plan gives you: Unlimited products Can sell digital goods, physical goods, services, and event tickets. Can accept donations Curbside pickup Automatic sync with. Square POS Order status text alerts Contact forms. SEO features Mobile responsive Facebook ads. SSL security Inventory management Coupons Gift cards In-store order customization Instagram integration. Square Online’s Gambia Email List Premium Plan offers the same plus. Free custom domain name for 1 year No Square branding or ads.

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