Whenever we talk about SEO, people automatically assume we’re talking about optimizing a website for Google. When it comes to SEO, we need to examine many factors, both on-site and off-site. But if your on-site SEO isn’t up to par, no matter how well your off-site SEO is, you won’t get the expected results. I’m checking out one of the sites I’m doing SEO Armenia Phone Number I’ve noticed that the site has some serious issues related to canonicalization. I addressed these issues right away, but also decided to write an article explaining what normalization means and how to do it properly for a website.

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What is URL canonicalization? The term normalization can be difficult to understand. Let me try to explain this in simple terms. Suppose a website has two URLs.  If the two web pages show the same results, then this Armenia Phone Number also cause problems! You may not pay much attention to this issue, but it can lead to serious duplicate content penalties. The problem with search engine bots is that they cannot decide which version of a URL should be added to their index. If two pages are parsing the same content, they’ll just assume one copy is the other and your site will be penalized.

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If your site opens on 2 URLs showing the same content, then you have to fix it. You must use server settings so that the site will open on either version whether users open with www or without . This way you Armenia Phone Number fix normalization. However, sometimes you want to share the same content on two URLs, then you can use the rel=”canonical” tag to let search engines know which is the original and which is the copy. This saves you from duplicate content penalties. How to properly apply URL normalization?

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