Tourism brands have taken advantage of the digital. Boom using social networks to connect with users. For our country this has been a benefit. Mexico is in the 6th place of the most visited countries. In the world according to data from the sixth government report. Among the places that are in the top ten are france. Spain the united states china italy mexico. United kingdom turkey germany and thailand. According to miguel torruco secretary of tourism. One of the aspects that has favored mexico growth in the tourism. Sector was the change in methodology of the bank of mexico. In the measurement of border tourism which achieved. An exorbitant increase of 40 percent. Percent from 2013 to 2014 which represented almost.

However We Cannot Leave Aside That One of the Aspects That

Has managed to boost tourism in the global arena is the use of social .Networks photographs to show the unmissable tours that can. Be done within mexico, as well as photos of the different. Magical towns that VP R&D Email Lists enrich our country so much. That is why we recommend that no matter what your business is. Publish original posts and include photos and videos to create attractive content. And generate greater interest in the audience. On instagram, the account shares images of users landscapes traditions, gastronomy. And more that bring tourism closer to mexico. Tourist brands chiapas sector making people feel welcome. Is part of the essence of all tourism brands.

Sectur Chiapas Uses Twitter to Be a Tourist Guide Where They

VP R&D Email Lists

Share curious facts about the culture of that great state. publish photos and videos of its incredible landscapes and dishes. On instagram, the account shows a similar profile showing more about its gastronomy, places to visit as well as images of experiences that tourists can enjoy when visiting its various places. Tourist brands share content about resorts, places and events that make up the traveler’s experience. Not only does this make your Twitter timeline more valuable to followers, it allows your social media team to optimize content and increase posting frequency.

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