There was a higher Venezuela B2B List vision. There was also a first idea. During an internal Dragon’s Den at Shell, the idea was born to bring fuel to someone instead of having to come to you. Presentation Shell TapUp Shell TapUp didn’t start with a lot of thinking, but with the development of a minimum viable product, an MVP. The Venezuela B2B List smallest product that allowed them to try out their tactics. They made a petrol trolley with a fuel pistol attached to it and could use it to deliver petrol to customers. Did that already realize their mission? No, because that Venezuela B2B List was about making alternative.

Fuels Available Venezuela B2B List

But by gaining experience Venezuela B2B List with this MVP, they got off to a good start. So they didn’t start endless discussions about legislation, but did so on the basis of the tests they had already done with their MVP. Then they started looking for a good product-market fit. They developed an app with which consumers in Rotterdam could place an Venezuela B2B List order to have their car refueled. Shell Tap Up once again gained good experience with this. The customer service experience was good, but it was not efficient. Pivot from consumer to B2B Then came Venezuela B2B List the first big pivot.

Venezuela B2B List

After A Year Of Trying Venezuela B2B List

The start-up decided to Venezuela B2B List no longer supply consumers, but companies. After all, they could plan fixed delivery days there. This was usually at night, by the way. The consequence was that the app could be thrown away and they Venezuela B2B List had no use for the IT infrastructure anymore. Pivot 2: from electric vehicle to delivery van Shell TapUp was proud of its small electric vehicles that could bring the gasoline to consumers in the city. But in order to serve companies, they had to be able to use the highway. They chose one type Venezuela B2B List of car and that became vans. The electric cars would not continue to exist side by side, that would become too complex.

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