Consumers are increasingly focused on their mobile terminals. These devices accompany them everywhere and are their allies for more and more decision-making. The smartphone is the eternal companion, used to check prices in a store. To find the data that will win you a conversation and that allows you to solve all. The problems you face in real-time. Tablets have become other allies to access entertainment and, therefore. There are more and more screens that consumers have at their disposal every day. How should the consumer be reached in this multi-screen universe?

Mobile Ad Spending Will Continue to Rise Advertisers

Advertisers are going to focus on mobile devices and they are going to do it in two specific fields. On the one hand, the world of searches and on the other, the world of display. The forecasts are that in 2015, according to eMarketer estimates, the VP Financial Email Lists spending that brands make in these areas will be higher than what they make on the desktop (at least in the US market, which is the one used to make the sample). In fact, more than half of the campaign budgets will go to mobile terminals. The reason for this increase in money allocated to mobile devices is in the consumption patterns of the consumers themselves. Every time, Internet users use more terminals to access the network.

Online Video Is Becoming More Powerful Consumers Are Watching

VP Financial Email Lists

Therefore, advertisers do not want to miss any opportunity and have begun to see the advertising approach as something holistic. In other words, all the parts of this whole must be taken into account. This also means that the campaigns that try to reach the consumer are beginning to use a strategy in which different devices are followed. In just one year (from the data for the first quarter of 2014 to the last), the United States market went from having 17% of video campaigns that were cross-device to having 51%.

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