The war between ios and android is epic when it comes. To smartphones and when we put the faces of apple and google. Or samsung on ​​them the situation sometimes becomes even more personal. We are talking about brands with a high level of brand awareness. For this reason, it is also common that out of loyalty, consumers. Sometimes cloud their judgment or do not hesitate. To disqualify the qualities of the opposing brand to the one they. Prefer regardless of the fact that in some cases. Their position is unjustified. The response was that android and google. Fan users praised the result of the photo allegedly taken with. A pixel 2 and some others even criticized the iphone xs.

There Were Few Those Who Said They Were Apple Users and Reco

That google’s smartphone photography was better. The problem is that after the video and a confession from Morrison. It was learned that the photos were actually taken with an iPhone. Xs, and the prank or deception was not with the bad intention. Of showing fanatical users of an operating system or a brand. But to expose the meaning of destructive and baseless criticism. The above because after the Thailand B2B List launch of the new. Apple smartphone the beauty gate emerged on social networks. Due to an alleged failure by which the phone’s camera. Makes people look more beautiful when they take a selfie. The YouTuber’s explanation is that it is not a fault. But as Apple explained at the time it is a function that.

Noise Reduction and Combines Several Images and Exposures

Thailand B2B List

To obtain the best photo. Probably the way in which Morrison sought. To present his point was not the most subtle or cordial. But what can be subtracted from it is as pointed out by another technology. A specialist such as marques Brownlee expressed on twitter. If you are super passionate about good technology. There is almost no way to love one thing without at least appreciate it. The greatness of the others as well. That is it does not matter what brand or company a good product. Comes from if it is, it must be valued and judged as such the same way it will be your is not. The new iphone’s camera has that processes.

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