In its new campaign santander alludes to promoting. That the bank is serious, but wants to be funny. On its youtube channel the bank has received comments questioning. What the campaign is about or what message they should have. Received in their email. If there was a secret formula behind a successful. Advertising campaign. It would integrate creativity as one of its pillars. However some agencies and brands get lost along the. Way and end up presenting ideas that confuse viewers. Of their campaigns. By reaching millions of people through traditional. Digital or print media, a large number of people end up making. Their verdict known and in many cases the idea is so poorly. Formulated that it leads to a brand crisis.

Yoplait Launched a Long Time Ago  in Which They Sought to Em

Women but their message reflected just the opposite. For many social network users  so they had to withdraw it. Something similar although to a lesser extent. Occurs with santander in their new campaign they allude to promoting. That the bank is serious, but they want to be funny and this. Has led to confusion due to their advertising. On its youtube channel the bank has received comments questioning. What the VP HR Email Lists campaign is about or what message they. Should have received in their email, since the strategy. Focused on mailing or e-mail marketing it is still not clear, since mailing. Is the sending of mass mail with no other objective than the sale.

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VP HR Email Lists
It is not clear what the bank wanted to do. The truth is that data from the merca2.0 research department could reveal an area of ​​opportunity for the bank: to focus on its customer service, since it indicates that 30.8 percent of financial services customers say they are not satisfied with the services they provide. Provided by their bank, moreover, 12.6 percent maintain that they are very dissatisfied with the attention received. In contrast, only 5.1 percent say they are very satisfied. In this sense, santander appears in the first three positions. An example can be seen in the campaign that.

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