For example at a bag El Salvador B2B List company. In this industry they work with a fixed margin as standard. So the company determines what the cost is, puts a margin on that and that is the selling price. Now they work much more innovatively, and therefore smarter. This results in much higher margins. Production is also more efficient, which is a lot El Salvador B2B List more sustainable. For example, the company now makes a sample collection four times a year and then invites a delegation of bag sellers. This focus group may indicate what they think the selling price of such a El Salvador B2B List bag should be. As a result, the sales margins.

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Suppose the focus group indicates that the sales  El Salvador B2B List price may be 80 euros (but in the standard calculation this would only be 60 euros), then such a bag is put on the market for 80 euros instead of 60 euros. Also read: Creative brainstorming? You do that with structure and without a manager But the company also no longer takes certain El Salvador B2B List bags into production. If the focus group indicates that the selling price of a bag may be 35 euros, but the calculation shows that it should cost 45 euros, then that bag will not be taken into El Salvador B2B List production.

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Previously, the company would El Salvador B2B List have produced all bags. So also the bags that sold poorly and that they had to try to sell out. They now work a lot more sustainably: they make 30 percent fewer bags – and thus achieve a higher El Salvador B2B List turnover. Ben Tigerair has also used a focus group for his book: Doman, Dirven, Done . He had a number of prototypes made of the cover. He then invited a focus group that chose the final cover. The rest is history: the book has become a El Salvador B2B List huge bestseller.

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