Optimizations for WordPress Blogs link building Link Earnings How is blog SEO different from website SEO? A blog is very different from other types of websites like e-commerce or business websites. Therefore, the SEO strategy of Italy Phone Number blog should also be different to get more traffic and visitors. The biggest difference is the content, in other sites, we put content at one time and do link building continuously, social marketing is mainly to get traffic and rankings, but when it comes to blogs, new content is posted on it every day or every week Above, this makes a difference in its SEO process.

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A normal website of 10-15 pages usually requires a one-off on-page SEO, followed by link building and social media marketing. However, in the case of blogs, the content pages continue to grow as we publish Italy Phone Number on a regular basis. And, as blog content grows, it requires regular on-page SEO, as well as ongoing link building. In short, a blog is completely different from a website and has different needs for SEO. How to do blog SEO? The basic goals and ideas of SEO are the same for any type of website, but when we do SEO for blogs, the approach to doing so is very different.

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Deciding on a Niche and Strategy Start thinking about SEO from the day you start thinking about blogging, because if you start a blog on a random niche without knowing the profitability of that niche, you’re Italy Phone Number in Waste of time and effort as I’ve seen many people start blogging on random topics. And, after a few months, when they don’t get traffic and money, they quit. So, be sure to do a lot of research before choosing a niche for your blog.

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