This sector has also gained Albania Phone Number momentum due to more home and hybrid working. Corona caused a huge spike in demand for logistics services. However, there is a small decrease in the NPS. This amounted to +10 in 2020 and +9 in 2021. And for the third year in a row, the construction and installation sector Albania Phone Number manages to increase the NPS Someone who is happy. Customers are particularly satisfied with the active role of the account manager and the reliable cooperation. In waste services, the NPS remains Albania Phone Number negative, but the number of detractors has decreased.

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That leads to an NPS of -5, which Albania Phone Number was -7 in 2020. The industry faces challenges such as the mandatory separation of industrial waste. The consequences of continuous contracts during the corona pandemic, while less frequent industrial waste was collected. More enthusiastic customers Looking at all branches, the customer Albania Phone Number experience is gaining ground in many organizations. And with success. The number of promoters (enthusiastic customers who recommend the organization they are doing business with to others. Albania Phone Number rose to 33% in 2021, from 29% in 2020. The number of passives (less persuasive recommenders) and detractors (‘non-recommenders’) decreased slightly, to 51% and 17% respectively in 2021 from 53% and 18% in 2020.

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The corona pandemic was not Albania Phone Number all doom and gloom. Many positive digital developments that arose from the corona era are permanent an are applie in a hybri way in the customer journey. This digitization Albania Phone Number ensures greater efficiency, greater reach and ultimately lower costs. Also read: The customer journey map as a compass for your content Let physical and digital customer journey reinforce each Albania Phone Number other It remains important for many organizations not to let the customer experience slip. In the Netherlands we are also noticing the consequences of the war in Ukraine and we are dealing with rising energy prices and further inflation.

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