Webex Events (formerly Socio) Webex Spain Phone Number Events. Is also in my list of favorite platforms because of their great possibilities around gamification and custom apps . If you want to involve the audience as much as possible in an event and reward them for their interactivity, then this platform is a serious option. You can reward the Spain Phone Number audience in many ways for completing surveys , finding hidden content on the platform, attending sessions, etc. You can even keep a scoreboard of them and publish them in real time. In addition, Webex Spain Phone Number Events offers the possibility to publish your own event apps within the Apple App store and Google Play store, completely in your own house style. Webex Events.

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Big Marker If your event is mainly Spain Phone Number organized as a marketing instrument and not, for example, as an internal inspiration event, then BigMarker is an interesting option. The platform has an incredible amount of options for setting up online marketing events. You will still have trouble with which format you will choose within Spain Phone Number the platform. For example, it has 10 types of webinars alone, including automatic webinars, after, say, X number of registrations. In addition, marketers will love the countless integrations with Spain Phone Number marketing and CRM platforms, from Active Campaign to Salesforce. big marker.

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Other event platforms The number Spain Phone Number of virtual. Event platforms has grown by 2800% in the past two years. So there is an extensive range and each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the Spain Phone Number platforms described above, there are also larger enterprise solutions. That allow you to set up entire virtual 3D conference halls, such as VFairs FXAgency and Inxpo. But these tools are a lot Spain Phone Number more complex to use and take a lot more time to set up. Which in my view is wasted time for a normal event. In addition, I was recently allowe to organize the first events an training courses in the metaverse.

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