One of the problems that have become one of those issues. That generates tensions within the online advertising industry is advertising fraud. Especially in advertising purchased programmatically. When an advertiser buys advertising space from an online medium. The potential margin of error is much lower than it could be. If it was bought from a marketplace and the risk of deception is much lower. So to speak, it is almost impossible that the ads that.

This Does Not Happen in Programmatic Advertising

This does not happen in programmatic advertising. Since in the end, the decision-maker is an algorithm. They look for a type of public and that is what they ask the algorithm. What the algorithm does with it is Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists something else. As the youtube scandal put on the table (when brands discovered that their ads were being broadcast in scenarios in which they did not want. Under any circumstances, for them to appear).

And that is the great fear of the industry For advertisers


But the truth is that the problem is not only that the ads can appear in media or with content that is not the most desirable. Programmatic advertising fraud is a problem and a serious problem. Not only have networks of cybercriminals been discovered creating fake media networks. To sell advertising that no one was actually seeing, but there are also some divergences. For example, advertisers may be buying one type of media and appearing in another. They may be paying for premium media and not exactly appearing in it.

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