48% of fans will use their smartphones to follow the World Cup. Of them, 58% will use their device to obtain information and 46% will access content during the cup. The soccer world cup is the most-watched sporting event on five continents. An audience of 3.2 billion people followed the previous edition, in 2014. Until then it was the largest multimedia event in history. With more people watching the screens and acting on social media than anyone else. Will rise to 3,500 million people -almost half of the planet-, who from more than 200 countries will be watching the plays of the great soccer stars, and surpassing the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Brands have a great opportunity in Russia 2018 to reach massive

For the advertising market, each world cup represents an important economic injection. It is estimated that advertisers will invest this year more than 2,000 million euros on a global scale. Brands have a cell phone numbers list great opportunity in Russia 2018 to reach massively. Audiences and also very segmented targets. Whether life, through television, radio, or mobile devices. From their homes or in bars, almost 50% of humanity will be watching the ball for a month. Digilant has analyzed the behavior of consumers during the world cup in Russia. To help brands make their marketing investments more profitable. The final is held on July 15 at the Luzinski Olympic stadium in Moscow.

The World Cup Is Played Online the Prominence of Social Networks

Facebook reached 451 million users during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, of which 77 million were active; and the social network accounted for 81% more activity during those dates, with 39 million likes during the championship. Facebook generated 15 billion impressions. 137 million active users, 70 million likes, and 27 billion impressions. During the 2014 edition, Twitter generated 19 billion impressions, two million tweets, and 3.8 million retweets.

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