The Internet arrived a few years ago to change everything and to make brands have to face a new and completely different scenario. The Internet also came to make changes an increasingly accelerated thing and to make brands have to be able to react with less time and less space. To all this, we must add that the Internet is a scenario incomplete evolution, which makes it necessary to always be aware of potential changes. And what is changing in the network? According to the latest edition of the Digital Future study prepared by Comscore based on data from several countries, there are several trends that are changing the Internet today and that is modifying how users access it.

The Digital Market Has Made Things Global and When It Comes to Global

The world has become multiplatform and that has changed the day-to-day of consumers. But the market is not only complex because it is increasingly diverse in terms of network access and globalization. But also because Buy Kuwait WhatsApp Numbers internet access is increasingly varied. Consumers access the internet from more and more devices. Each moment of the day has a dominant device (during the day we usually access from the desktop. With the smartphone dominating first thing in the morning, for example). Although mobile phones have become a kind of constant. Thanks to this mobile boom and the fact that we always have them with us. The world is now an always-connected scenario in which brands have no choice but to play based on these new rules.

Screens Are Changing and Evolving and This

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And this fact that we are always connected has also changed how we use different screens. Tablets, for example, have peak usage times in the late afternoon. When they become the favorite setting for shopping. The desktop, despite the mobile boom. Is not dying (in fact, it is growing by 4% in use worldwide) although it is changing its usage patterns. The desktop is being used, above all. To access certain types of content and services. Mobile isn’t cannibalizing, or at least from comscore’s data point of view. Desktop time, but rather adding more and more connection time. Creating a lot more potential audiences and a lot more contact time. Brands now have more opportunities.


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