IAB Spain, the association of advertising, marketing, and digital communication in Spain. Has prepared the top digital trends 2018, a document that has been produced by. The lab Spain work commissions with the aim of showing the keys to digital. Business in 2018, offering a global vision of the market in a practical and effective way. According to Antonio Traugott, general director of IAB Spain “Like every year. The association’s work commissions have coordinated a work of great value to communicate to the market. The main trends in digital marketing for 2018. There are many annual trends in the market, but I believe that those. Of the iab has an additional value as they have been. Prepared by specific commissions organized by theme or activity.

Some of the Keys Detailed in the Document Are Online Audi the Irruption

The irruption of systems based on voice interaction such as google home. Amazon Echo, and virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, or google now mark the way towards. A ‘hands-off’ future. In Spain, according to mobile number list data from the ii online audio study of IAB Spain. 41% of digital marketing professionals already use online. Audio in their mix of media and advertising within their strategies. During 2018, work will be done to achieve the parameterization to certify the different viewability meters. Branding, as we know it, takes a turn from the hand of inbound marketing. Technology will allow brands to offer exclusive and personalized products and experiences. The retail industry has found an excellent solution for such needs: the experience of phygital.

Content & Native Advertising the Content Budget

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The content budget does nothing but grow and grow. Increasingly, companies are aware that they have to invest in content. But it’s not a volume issue, it’s a content quality issue. In this sense, 6 out of 10 users give a higher value to the quality of the content. Then to the platform on which it is found, something that is accentuated as the age of the interviewee. Increases, as reflected in the I study of content & native. First-party data continues to be the priority for advertisers and agencies. Who has invested in growing their internal values ​​to later connect? Them with systems such as dumps, CRM, or other automation platforms?


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