One of the elements that most concerns marketing managers. When establishing which strategy to follow is defining which audiences to connect with. Marketers have to “Diversify and coordinate their media plan,” they explain. This means being clear about what reach and frequency they want to reach, but also how much of their efforts will be in vain. This implies addressing the advertising strategy together. They have to study what is happening in all the channels they use and how. It affects the campaign. You have to coordinate. What is done in all scenarios and, of course, be very clear that you can no longer simply choose a channel? Consumers are increasingly more varied and niches less ‘follow the usual rules, but also because the media landscape has been blown up.

How to Find the Most Suitable Audience for Brand Messages?

Today’s marketers face the difficult task of overcoming media fragmentation and changing consumer behavior.” explains a Gartner analyst, also recalling that consumers are positioning Christmas Island B2B List themselves against advertising. More and more are paying services (see netflix) that remove advertising from their equation. It is increasingly difficult to reach audiences and therefore. It is increasingly crucial to know which audience matters and to whom to speak. But how can you discover that? How to find the most suitable audience for the brand. Messages? That is what Gartner has analyzed and on which it has given three main lines of work.

Defining Who Your Audience Is Should Be Done Carefully

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The hat is the same, companies and their managers should not get lost in the immediate. In what may seem the most obvious quickly and apparently and should focus much more on seeing things in a more complete way. “In the age of big data, we often lose sight of the big picture. Often, we start in the weeds, tactically targeting and measuring.” explains eric Schmitt, senior director at Gartner. Noting that companies should analyze their audiences from a broader and more inclusive way. In other words, instead of starting from scratch doing segmentation work and focusing only on very specific niches. They have to start seeing things in a more general way and from there (and in a more informed way) make smaller groups.

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