Video has become one of the hot spots of internet content. nternet users are consuming more and more of this type of content. Especially now that mobile devices are making accessing it easier than ever. Videos are no longer only viewed from the computer and on the desktop, but have become. A consumer item that we also see from the smartphone or from the tablet. Consumers have therefore made video content fashionable and brands have. Launched to acquire this content and use it as a lever to reach consumers.

The Video Market Is Diverse and Varied

But how should video content be if they really want to succeed? The video market is diverse and varied, both in terms of purely said content and in terms of the format it implies. The internet has been filled with as many styles of videos. As there are options the consumer needs, from long-form videos (such as series and movies, which are increasingly seen online) to short. Videos that VP Risk Email Lists are consumed quickly and that take many times to chain the visualization of one with another. As he explains in an article in the drum in which the three fundamental characteristics that these.

More Video Is Being Consumed Than Ever


Nd those videos of shorter formats are the ones that are becoming. A real explosion and are the ones that are marking the approach of the big brands to the video market. Youtube is a great example of this type of content. Although the movements of the new players (as is the case with facebook) are also along these lines. But what do these videos have to have to reach the consumer? In the analysis of the drum three main lines are given. Gives power and protagonism to the consumer short videos have become. A great opportunity for brands since internet users are seeing them massively and daily.

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