With this announcement, it’s clear that we must now prioritize mobile over desktop. Obviously, in this case, i.e. in a mobile-only world, local searches are even more relevant . Share of online searches initiated on mobile devices by industry New Zealand Phone Number SEO Predictions For 2017Source: Bitwise Compilation of Mobile Marketing Statistics [2007-2015] Comscore SEO Predictions For 2017Source: Comscore More than 88% of people use online mobile searches to find more information about companies have you done SEO Predictions For 2017 Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP.

Local Marketing Is That You May Lose

SEOs have long considered mobile search to be one of the many key specialties of SEO…and that mentality didn’t change much when Google announced AMP in late 2015. It’s no secret that we live in the New Zealand Phone Number of mobile and smartphones…you can see people fiddling with their mobile devices almost everywhere…so this has a big impact on overall search trends. If you need some information on any query, it’s only natural that you will pull out your smartphone and search for it.

New Zealand Phone Number

Out To Competitors That Rank High

Also, you need a website that loads quickly and provides the information you need. If it doesn’t load quickly, you’re likely to quit and go elsewhere. AMP uses 8x less data and 4x faster than normal New Zealand Phone Number pages load faster. In fact, Google is prioritizing AMPs too…by increasing prominence and even inserting a lightning bolt to show that AMPs exist. Sometime back in February 2016 Google started sending people to AMP pages in the TOP STORIES section. Google search results pages on mobile phones other major industry players. Have been collaborating for over a year to make it a Reality.

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