The ideal word count you should choose for your blog to attract your audience According to the latest SEO statistics, most live blog posts on the internet contain on Colombia Phone Number words. However, there is no hard and fast rule that you cannot achieve your SEO goals with a lower word count. You should keep in mind that including duplicate information in your blog posts to reach a higher word count will not improve your website’s SEO . You should focus on what your target audience expects from your website.

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Apart from that, some other effective SEO techniques are just as important for SEO rankings as word count. You can’t ignore the importance of backlinks in achieving your website’s SEO goals. Also, based on Colombia Phone Number SEO trends, blog posts consisting of relevant images, videos or other media files tend to become more popular. The importance of competent keywords is not specified separately. Additionally, you should emphasize capturing Google’s Featured Snippets to reach a wider audience. Whether it’s a 1500-word article or a longer-word article, including the strategies above is key to achieving the desired SEO success.

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Ideal length and word count for different types of blog posts and articles. You should decide the word count based on the type of blog you create. Sometimes, you may need to include more words in Colombia Phone Number post to provide readers with timely and detailed information. On the other hand, some blog posts appear to be complete with fewer words. Let’s discover the ideal length and word count for different blog posts. Ideal word count for pillar pages A successful pillar page is designed. Cover all information related to a particular topic or niche.

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