The internet has meant a 180-degree turn in the advertising and marketing strategies of brands. However, this support has also revolutionized the media landscape. Especially as a result of the appearance of online video and the increasingly. Massive consumption of this content by users. In fact, as can be seen from a study carried out by the firm limelight networks, more than 90% of us consumers are willing to abandon. Their cable television subscriptions in pursuit of greater flexibility and increased time availability. And content. Advantages that, as readers know, only online video can offer them.

Online Video Ad Spend Is Growing Faster and Faster Than

In this sense, one deserves to ask: what are the real reasons. Why the video has spread among internet users and brands? And, what is more important. Is it a strategy that is here to stay or is it temporary? Based on the Chairman Email Lists functions that it currently performs and. As has been seen, the interest of consumers in it, everything suggests that online video has a long-term future and that. This is due, first of all, to the power of the media through streaming content. Which is carried out thanks to digital video.

Litmus Test for the Media However, the Main Change

Chairman Email Lists

Which have seen how this support is capable of facilitating access to. The distribution of information, especially that relating to the latest hour. And it is that thanks to digital video the media have seen the costs of their productions. Significantly reduced, which has allowed them to be just as competitive but much more profitable. However, this progress, for those responsible for these media, is nothing but a challenge. Thus, although they recognize that the online video viewer is an opportunity to reach a larger

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