Whenever we talk about the reputation of brands and companies. A fashionable topic in recent times, it is approached from the point of view of intangibles. Reputation is something emotional. Which has an impact on the subjective links established between the consumer and the brand. Reputation has an impact on the choice of product. On the feelings that the brand arouses, on loyalty or resistance to problems. Reputation also has a direct effect on company revenues and the market value of their products. It is not just about establishing value relationships between consumers and brands. But also that trust opens the range for payments and the room for maneuver that companies have in this field.

It Is Also More Likely to Be Paid More for Its Products

As researchers at the university of technology Sydney have just concluded in a study. Consumers are simply willing to pay more for products from companies with a good reputation. When The researchers Botswana B2B List estimate that a premium of 9% will be paid for the products of the company in question. The power of reputation as an addition in terms of value is so high that. It has an impact similar to premium or special features when. It comes to establishing how much extra one is willing to pay for things. The advantage offered by varying product characteristics,” says one of those responsible for the study.

Researchers Point Out That in Addition to Building Trust

Botswana B2B List

Then, in a separate questionnaire, they had to choose between different televisions on the market of those brands. With quite similar characteristics. The researchers wanted to analyze if they could find parallels between the responses of one questionnaire and those of another. The conclusions were those of that was what was happening. Those companies that had achieved good data in the first analysis. Were those that achieved a better response among consumers. They were willing to pay more for the products of those companies. Study subjects were actually more willing to pay for products with good features and a good brand. Reputation than they were to pay for products with novel features, without reputation coming into play.

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