Videos are the new kings of the internet and the content that everyone wants prominently. They are loved by consumers, who just access them and see them on all screens. (so much so that the estimates of the weight that videos will have in mobile online traffic in the future are impressive). The brands want them, who see in them a way to reach consumers and to do so in addition to. A way in which a high level of engagement is generated; and they are wanted by the media. Who see in videos not only a way to capture audiences but also a formula to generate income that is increasingly difficult to harvest. The online media have therefore begun. A conquest of video and have begun to use this type of content more and more and in more scenarios.

The Fact That Facebook Has Become a Kind of Defen

And this is making the big media not only more and more oriented to this field. But also that videos have more and more weight in their strategies. Publishers are obsessed with finding the formula to increase the volume of Switzerland WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists videos they produce. While they want to find technological solutions that simplify the streaming or automation processes of that content. This means headlines like tronc, the Huffington Post, Hearst, Gannett, or rotten tomatoes. As published by business insiders, are using more and more tools to create more and more videos. One of them, tronc, publishes an average of 200 videos every day and, despite this, does not see it as enough. Your goals are to post 10 times that amount.

Advertisers Are Investing More and More Money in Advertising

The process unites content on the one hand and image searches on the other. From the start, the texts are summarized and analyzed to automatically. Search for photos or video clips from large agencies (the associated press and getty images are usually the ones used on a recurring basis) that are consistent with them. It all comes together and a video has been created automatically. Although along the way it is possible (but not necessary) to add a human touch. In this way, the media are beginning to have an increasingly wide range of videos and an increasingly varied portfolio. With which they reach that growing and generalized demand for this type of content.

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