The buyer is not a sealed profile. Just as not all buyers are the same and not all act from the same motivations. Neither do they become an immutable element. Social changes, the passage of time or the new needs imposed by. The new times make buyers change, that they begin to need other products and other shopping. Experiences and that what makes them connect with brands and companies are other things. Consumers have, in fact, changed. Some types of behavior were previously limited to specific consumers. Niches are now associated with much broader groups of buyers. As well as new elements that motivate consumption or impact purchase decisions.

A Criteo Study Helps Identify New Consumer Profiles

The new consumer profile is what in english and in the analysis they have baptized as “Virtuous circles”. Which we could adapt as virtuous buyers. The “Circler” comes from the idea of ​​the circle. Which in this case would be the way in which the purchases they make impact the environment. According to criteo analysis data, this idea is one of the most emerging in consumption. As the Palau B2B List market for sustainable and conscientious products is growing more and more. In the UK alone, for example, the market for sustainable food and drink grew by 9.7% year-on-year in the last year and 40% of consumers in general say they feel more positive about the brands they publish their ethical standards.For this type of consumer, what is crucial is the ethics of what they consume and of the brands that produce those products and services.

The Social Capitalist What Is the Same Despite the Announcements

Palau B2B List
For these consumers, companies have to be able to create a shopping experience that helps and is linked to the social. In other words, they not only have to sell, but also create what the analysis calls “stop spots”, spaces where consumers can stop, live experiences and discover things. The overall shopping experience also has to be better to connect with these consumers. For example, you have to lighten purchases. It is not the only social change that is having an impact on how consumers are and how to reach them. In recent years, the self-care boom has appeared strongly. In the analysis they point out that it is one of the points that has changed things in a more subtle way since sellers and brands continue to link them to processes that were already underway. And, yes, one and the other are similar,but they are not exactly the same.

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