Instagram the visual platform par excellence. And one of the most popular social networks in the world. Is promoting a very particular way of creating content. The multiple changes it has made are aimed at reaching. More users ranging from the general public to the commercial sector. And without a doubt something that should be applauded. Is the fact of having achieved more than 1,000 million active profiles. In eight years of existence the big jump was made in 2012. When facebook bought the social network. Since then modifications to improve usability have been notorious. Since 2016 it took another step forward by integrating. The stories format stories causing a furor. In the app in fact the number of active users went from 20 percent. At the beginning of the year to just over 60 percent at the end of the year.

That It Had in September 2017 It Can Give Lessons on How to

A social network in addition to highlight. The importance of listening to the consumer. If anyone thought that sharing photos of what people eat. Or showing how pets play was not going. To be profitable they were dead wrong. Instagram’s earnings are estimated at 5.5 billion. Only in the united states. That means they earn 70 percent more than. The previous year due to the VP Business Development Email List visual nature of the apps. And the high rate of user interaction instagram is also a valuable business. Tool in the world of social media. In this regard of all the advertising traffic that facebook.  Has 30 percent reaches the platform and it is expected to be 40 percent by 2020. Reached in june of this year,surpassing the record of 800 million users.

To Continue Improving Instagram Seeks Integrate With Other

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Although at first it was the stories, now it is directly focused on the consumption of videos, like youtube (and other ott applications). Igtv is already a reality that seeks to give a certain blow to its competitors. From the outset, it is ad-free to provide a video experience that entices creators and users to use this app. This situation responds to what its main consumer segment is looking for: instagram is much more popular among young people between 18 and 29 years old. Globally, 41 percent of users are 24 years of age or younger, and in terms of usage, it has surpassed twitter and facebook. Today with just over 1,000 million active users.


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