By default, when drinking a Corona beer a slice of lime is added. It’s “how to do it”. On the beer page itself, in a section called, the myth is pointed out to us. “If you want to savor and enjoy your corona beer to the fullest, it is best to do it as the Mexicans do: with a lime wedge. They point out. The lime wedge has become a ritual. Although nobody is very clear about its origin (there are many theories, the winner is that it was made by a waiter and went viral). It has become a key part of the success of the brand. In the united states. The lime wedge helped create an. Experience and a ritual linked to a beer that was just another on the market. Thanks to this, they managed to move much stronger players.

Rituals Are a Basic Part of the Daily Life of Citizens

Every day and in many areas we apply many rituals. Some are personal and unique and others are part of the common social fabric. The foundations of brand rituals are based on us mobile phone number database different elements. They help create routines linked to the brand (and make us feel familiar). Create a sense of community, and increase trust. Many times they make us do things that are not necessary or that do not contribute much more to the brand experience. Objectively speaking, than what we already had. But in any case, brand rituals make us connect with it in a much deeper and much more emotional way. They make us feel that the brand is closer and we are much more loyal to it.

In a Way, They Reinforce Feelings That Are Almost Like Religious

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In fact, the brands are fully aware of this and take care of the rituals and enhance them. Guinness created a ritual for how its beer was poured (the first shot is poured, it settles, and then the pint is completed) in order to make up lost ground, as Martin Lindstrom explains in Buyology. In the early 1990s, Guinness was losing customers and market traction in the British Isles, because the way its beer was poured and the need to wait for the head to settle had become a nuisance in a world I was looking for the fastest. Instead of eliminating that waiting moment, the brand promoted it and focused all its campaigns on it. He even created messages explaining how to shoot the perfect pint. He turned the nuisance into a consumption ritual and managed to recover lost ground.

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