On average we read and send more than 80 emails a day. We check our mobile more than 110 times and we are bombarded with more than 5000 advertisements. It is normal for the vast majority of users to disconnect from interactions with brands. In exchange, they leave a trail of information about their behavior. Their tastes, their productive hours, their empathy towards certain products and their pattern or “Consumer journey” of purchase. The way we communicate has changed in such a way that what is worth today. Tomorrow will be obsolete. The user wants control, power, wants quality content, personalized, packaged and delivered to their devices.

At the Moment a Large Number of Companies Are Entering

Many enter like a headless hen, others have a very specific plan for creating and disseminating content. Others study behavior patterns and create campaigns for a more specific audience. The problem lies in how to create quality content, reaching a higher degree of personalization. I still remember when was the year of communicating to users the use of cookies on our websites. The Nigeria B2B List need to learn more about the consumer-generated “Smart cookies” that. Were capable of not only tracking you on the web but also associating that information with a valuable promotional campaign. Now you consult a product on amazon or you look at a plane ticket on iberia and automatically. You will be bombarded by advertising banners. Offering the services you have consulted, when you visit any other page.

At First It Was Not Bad That Advertising Began to Adapt

It easier for us to know and understand the start of a query. The abandonment or the purchase of it. In the end, the consumer is no longer so important in the search for customization. What really matters is the data with which each user is handled. The reason for their abandonment, the reason for their purchase. The when, the where, and the how. Now what really matters is the residual data of their interactions.

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