Problem exists between chair and keyboard. If you’re looking at your chair and your keyboard and realizing that you’re between them, you’ve got the idea. Business Slang, Acronyms and Abbreviations Computer Problems IT workers will often use this business slang on a support Canada WhatsApp Number List ticket so they can accurately diagnose the problem and have a good laugh without getting in trouble. Canada WhatsApp Number List 73. UX: User Experience. For tech workers and product designers, it’s all about how the user is going to well… use the product. A lot of effort goes into testing for Canada WhatsApp Number List products like eCommerce website builders, for example. For that reason, they want to build the product in a way that gives the best possible user experience.

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That’s why you’ll hear product designers in Canada WhatsApp Number List particular, using the business slang term UX all the time—the user experience. 74. UI: User Interface. This business slang has to do with how the user experiences the product too, but more specifically about how easy it is to use (i.e. how they interact with it). 75. 404: Error 404 Not Found. This is business slang for an error that comes up when a website can’t be found, but you’ll see it in tech speak too. If you’re totally lost after a meeting and your tech buddy Canada WhatsApp Number List asks what you thought about it, shoot back “404.” He’ll get it. 76. iD-10-T: Idiot. Another sneaky ticket error code. When you see this business slang.

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Your IT person just straight up thinks Canada WhatsApp Number List you’re an idiot. 77. WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get. Developers tend to use this business slang term when they’re using an editor that lets them type in exactly what they’ll see on the screen, at the end of their project once it’s published. For added whimsy, you’ll hear this one said out loud as “whiz-ee-wig.” More Everyday Business Slang, Acronyms and Abbreviations We know there’s a lot. Invest in flashcards… or maybe a flashcard app? Business Slang, Canada WhatsApp Number List Acronyms,

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