At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I am going to use a concept from. A few decades ago “Loyalty is more important and costs less than notoriety”, to support. A small reflection on the digital experience of brands. For years, most of the marketing budgets were invested in generating awareness. Mainly through conventional advertising, even knowing that the money spent on acquiring .A new customer used to cost twice or three times what it would cost. Fidelize him this thankfully seems to be shifting to a consumer-centric approach in the form of experience. However, this paradigm continues to be the big question in most organizations. How to reconcile policies and investments in recruitment marketing, loyalty, experience, etc… But that is another question for which there is still no math answer.

Only a Decade Ago, Notoriety Was Directly Associated

The reality is that many things have changed in recent years. Which was and still is expensive. For the youngest, I remember that Facebook, youtube or twitter did not exist. And google was a small company that was taking its Algeria B2B List first steps in the form of. A “Simple” search engine, in fact, it had not undergone a rebranding. Mobile phones were devices that “Only served” to call. People were informed through “Paper” newspapers and radio and television news.

The Reality Is That as in Everything Virtue Is in Balance and of Course

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Today, thanks in part to all these companies and many more, and innovation, notoriety has apparently become cheaper. To the point that large and small brands and advertisers have significantly. Reduced their investments in “Traditional” marketing. To clarify the concept “Traditional marketing of the 20th century” because of channels such as digital or mobile from . To market new environments and digital tools. The reality is that funds for the construction of brands and products are being.

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