One of those debates that have been repeated in recent times and that have been occupying prominent positions when it comes to SEO is the question of what role the keyword should play today. Has the keyword died in the times of social networks? Have they lost importance now that people have started searching differently and are starting to ask the search engine for entire phrases? The truth is that the different reports have been pointing out that keywords, at least as they were understood in the past, are no longer as important as they were before. In other words, to succeed, you don’t have to repeat the magic word that was chosen as a flag to position the text.

It Even by Shoehorning It Into the Url of the Page

But despite the fact that keywords no longer work exactly the same as they did a few years ago. That does not mean that they have completely disappeared. What needs to be done to adapt the keyword strategy to the Hungary B2B List realities of the present and to. The demands of today’s search engines (let’s say actually to the demands of google?) is to readjust. What is being done and bet on a much more complex? Much more dynamic and much more convergent. Seo should not be a kind of niche element that lives apart from. Everything else should connect with the other strategies of the company.

The One Else You Need to Team Up With Is Content Marketing

Hungary B2B List

As they point out in an analysis in search engine land, keywords and content marketing must. Work much more synergistically and must collaborate because, after all. Both seek the same objectives. The former also have to adapt to what the new times impose and must function at. The levels that now mark what is happening. Keywords are the key to understanding. What consumers want to be told and can function as a kind of support staff to understand where to go with content. Tools such as google trends or google keyword planner work. They point out in the analysis, as an element to. Identify patterns and to detect peaks of interest in certain topics

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