One of the elements that have been prominently established in terms of business strategy and that has had an impact on. How brands try to reach the market has been trusting. Companies have assumed that they have to get consumers to trust them and that trust is a value on the rise. One that is becoming more powerful and more decisive when. It comes to marking consumer decisions. In the context in which brands, products, and consumers now have to move. Trust is a determining element that distinguishes brands and companies from their competition.

There Are Several Elements That Help Gain That Trust and That Allow

There are several elements that help gain that trust and that allow you to connect with consumers. Over the years, studies have shown the power of transparency, for example. To establish those relationships. But also how the USA Business Fax List recommendations of others help us to trust brands more or the potential that. A brand has to be. Local when it comes to earning our approval. But, of course, trust can also be read using another element: neuroscience. After all, the one that trusts something or not is our brain and it can be analyzed starting from this field. Which allows us to understand much better the mechanisms that make something trust or not.

The Mechanisms of Trust in General the Two Great Mechanisms

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What neuroscience says about trust could help brands to be much more efficient. When it comes to establishing these valuable relationships with their consumers. In a recent analysis published by the Harvard business review. They have studied the mechanisms that make the human brain trust and what leads us to do so with some people, companies, and brands and not with others. The mechanisms of trust In general, the two great mechanisms that our brain uses to generate trust are two. The first is a mechanism linked to the cerebral cortex. As you remember in the analysis, some of its parts allow the human brain to do a job of transposition.

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