The growth of competition and the difficulty in achieving new sales have been drivers for the relationship between. The sales and marketing departments to have been further strengthened in recent years. Decades ago, the image of the marketing department as an area specialized in communication. Originally dependent on the commercial or sales department, and later operating in parallel. Was overcome. In fact, over the years the importance of the concept of marketing has increased and, not in vain. The commercial vice-presidents of the main multinationals have. The description of VP marketing as the main qualification on their professional card.

The Marketing Area in Large Companies Is Responsible for the Entire

There are two elements that have caused a greater role for marketing departments, and a need for the entire management team to participate in the marketing strategy. Businesses recognize that customer-centric management is a strategic priority for capturing new accounts and retaining existing ones. And the new digital marketing technologies have greatly expanded the spectrum of Vietnam WhatsApp Number List contact between the marketing area and other areas of the company. The corporate culture that revolves around the customer may seem like something already consolidated and even old, now that social networks and inspiration among customers themselves are the main sources of information in many products.

It Is Surprising to Observe How Many Companies

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One of the clearest mechanisms to improve this approach is for the marketing department to encourage. The participation of the rest of the management. Areas in the marketing strategy, which, beyond classic branding have more and more operational components. New technologies are another of the key factors that require greater involvement of all departments. The power of customers is increasing thanks to the internet and social networks. This implies a need to increase the speed of transmission of product feedback to the product and production departments. Service management is another key component in customer retention. For this reason, close collaboration between the marketing area and the logistics and quality departments is essential.

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