When the end of the year approaches and when the new year is closer to starting, it is the right time to summarize things and to start making New Year’s plans. It is the moment in which the trends that will mark the agenda are pointed out everywhere and that lists are made of the great changes and the great questions that have been setting the tone in the twelve months that are about to end. But it should also be time to take stock of those things that have set the agenda, as is the case with the classic 2018 summary of what has mattered in marketing and advertising, and the mistakes that have been made.

Being Too Granular With Information the Boom in Data and Related Technology

From those mistakes, one must learn not to repeat them again and also to examine one’s conscience. Some things cannot continue setting the agenda and cannot continue to star in marketing and advertising decisions. With the change of year, some of the Cape Verde B2B List burdens that have become entrenched in marketing and in the work of cmos must be eliminated from the strategy. In an analysis in marketing profs. They point out three points that could no longer be allowed in marketing work during 2019. The boom in data and related technology in recent years has created. New rules of the game. Launched new opportunities, and made things much more complex for companies and those responsible for their data strategy. Marketing.

This Can Lose Perspective and Create New and Different Problems

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Because brands and companies can get things out of hand and can focus too much on the specific. One of the burdens that companies have incorporated into their marketing strategy and that they. Should stop once and for all is trying to be too granular, looking too specific, or putting too much faith in data. As you remember in the analysis, you don’t have to be a data scientist. At all times and you don’t have to focus on the data and what they say at all times. Information is very important, true, but the obsession with data should not make you lose sight of everything else.

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